SVN – change file name letter case only

Use subversion commands to change letter case in a file name. If you use OS commands to do that, you will loose file history.

Changing file name with TortoiseSVN GUI is easy.

1. Open repo-browser ( Right click on desktop and choose TortoiseSVN -> Repo-browser )
2. Enter the repository URL in text box that appear.  Click OK.
3. Use tree-view to locate directory where the file is. 
4. Right click on file in file-list window and choose ‘Rename’
5. Enter new file name.

Done! Now update your working copies.

Doing same thing with command line interface it bit more tricky.

1. Navigate  to a directory where the file is.
2. Issue:

svn rename ./oldFileName.file ./oldFileName_.file

3. Commit changes. 
4. Do svn renam again, this  time enter file name with desired letter case:

svn rename ./oldFileName_.file ./oldFilename.file

5. Commit changes.

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