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Just a quick reflection today. I’m posting this because this post made me think hard about code generation. To generate or not to generate, that is the question. Haven’t decided as of yet. ¬†Anyways….

I just got newsletter from Zend and its ‘Tips & Tricks’ section caught¬†my eye. Apparently Zend Studio 7 can ‘take your productivity to a whole new level’ by means of generating portions of code for you. I haven’t watched whole presentation they have, but I can see what’s coming. Programmer will use simple shortcut and Zend Studio will create a Zend component for him, generating all classes and whatever code is necessary to make things work.

I don’t really wanna jump into conclusions too fast, but I think I’ve seen this already. Code generators in Visual Studio. They soooo nice. Drag and drop elements onto your Win or WebForm and … forget about tedious coding. It will be all done for you.

And I also seen how hard it is to make a smallest change in generated code. It seemed to me that once you start using these generators you stuck with them, often struggling to make things work.

I’m hoping this is not the case for Zend Studio.

Not too long ago I watched presentation about C# 3.0 features and I could not help feeling that many many of these features relay heavily on code generated by compiler.

Code generators ARE all around us. What wonders me: Are we on the right path ?

I plan to come back to that issue sometime soon.

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  1. Roy says:

    In Zend Studio 7.0 code is generated by the built-in Zend Framework, you can make changes to the code that is generated by leveraging the capabilities of Zend Tool (pretty easy).

    See this video

    Thanks for sharing!

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